About MUSA

Why did you choose the name MUSA?

MUSA is the abbreviation for Muslim University Students of Amsterdam. The board drew up a number of possible names and then submitted those names to the members. They then chose MUSA. An English name has been deliberately chosen to indicate that we as an association are also there for international students. In addition, Musa (also known as Moses) appears as a prophet in every monotheistic religion, which also makes us try to connect different religions.

MUSA profiles itself as a student union at the UvA, are other students also welcome?

Yes. Everyone is welcome as members (including non-students) and at our events.

There are several Muslim student associations in the Netherlands, why set up a new one instead of joining existing associations?

At the University of Amsterdam there is no initiative like MUSA. We believe it is important that students of the UvA be able to make a valuable contribution to the student days of our fellow students and thus MUSA has arisen. In addition, we have noticed that students do not always connect with existing associations. In order to realize an inclusive environment at the UvA, it is important that every student feels they have a voice within the university.

You’re now recruiting members for MUSA, but why should I join?

As a member of MUSA, you can expect us as a board to do our best to give our members a voice within the UvA. For example, we stand for the advocacy of Muslim students, but the connection between Muslim students and non-Muslim students is central. We want every student to feel at home at the UvA and want to work with our members to ensure an inclusive environment. We want to achieve this by organizing various activities and events. You can read what events and activities these are below!

What does the planning for next academic year look like? What can we expect from MUSA?

For the coming academic year, several activities are planned covering several areas. For example, we will organise activities aimed at entering the labour market, focusing on both personal and religious development, but also practical skills (think first aid course). Soon the calendar for next academic year will be online and can then be found on our events page.

Why should I register as a non-Muslim member of MUSA?

MUSA considers connection between students very important. By becoming a non-Muslim member of MUSA, you can also contribute to this. In addition, this is an opportunity as a non-Muslim to gain more knowledge about Islam, for those who are interested in it. We also organise activities that are not religiously inspired, such as training courses for young professionals and first aid training.

The basis of MUSA is Islamic, does this mean that all activities are religiously inspired?

No, not all activities are religiously inspired. For example, we plan to organize workshops on entering the labour market for young professionals next academic year. Think of courses how you teach yourself how to present yourself, but also the importance of preserving authenticity. We will also pay attention to the 2021 elections by organising a pre-election debate and we want to focus on motivating students and discussing tips for academic success at the beginning of the academic year. In addition, we will also organize some more practical courses, such as a first aid training and a calligraphy workshop.

How much is the annual contribution as a member of MUSA?

Our membership fee is €10 per year, excluding 65 euro cents administration fee.

If I join MUSA to what extent will my privacy be guaranteed?

The personal data of our members is only available to the board. As a board, we naturally take into account the GDPR and deal with the data of our members confidentially.